chin pu (mimetic consumption), a poem

chin pu mimetic consumption duck stretching on rock

Chin Pu  (Mimetic Consumption)
(originally published in Blue Fifth Review)
The duck on her rock performs a slow dance,
stretching leg and wing she could be flying
but her eyes are steady upon mine.  If I eat

her will I possess her grace?  If I dry her bones,
pound them to powder will I ever be able to fly?
China being the oldest civilization, wouldn’t you think

there is truth in this idea?  Snake blood is the cheapest
aphrodisiac — the glossy firmness of the snake around
my arm makes me remember every time I’ve been

touched.  Panicked by my lust, the snake twists
and defecates, a runny yellow soup emerging
from a shocking red anus which for a moment

seems like blood.  Yet the snake’s eyes never
flinch from mine.  If I roast this body on a wood fire,
will I too be able to penetrate the entire world

with my stare?  Emotions come from an older place
than thoughts — the duck, the snake and I share
more than breath, more than mere life.  We feel,

therefore we are.  It’s not so easy with people.
Even if it weren’t forbidden, could I process
your body for consumption? Could I use all your parts,

not waste a drop?  Aren’t we all waiting to be eaten?
Somewhere, those I love would season me with care,
value my flesh for the qualities they’ve learned to see —

not grace, not smooth strength, but constant
restless longing, the mind completely open,
forever curious.  Don’t hesitate — swallow me whole.


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4 responses to “chin pu (mimetic consumption), a poem

  1. Made me think of Annie Dillard, a mystical connection w/ the natural world. Have you read her?

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  2. Snakes, the serpent power. The subtle energy rising from the base of the spine up to the crown of the head, the Kundalini, which sages have described as a serpent rising and as a Goddess.

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