farmgirl in fishnet stockings, a poem

illustration farmgirl in fishnet stockings

Farmgirl in Fishnet Stockings

Stiletto heels and a tattoo

on her left breast, reading “bitch,”

complete the pastoral.  She feeds

the pigs, her long thin spikes

squelching in and out of the mud.

Red… red lips pursed, squealing

to match the pigs’ excitement.

Galvanized bucket swings low

at her hip, brimming with mash,

some spoiled vegetables from last

week’s supper, a blob of freezer-burned

ground beef.  She loves these animals,

loves to take her long nails and scrape

behind their ears.  The biggest

sow’s nipples look sucked

to death, her piglets nearly ready

to sell.  One small immature boar

grunts at our girl’s approach.

He loves her, as only a pig can

love.  Piggy’s never had it better.

Farmgirl’s spangled shorts stretch tight

as she bends to fill the trough.

This girl’s smart — she lives out

where men know how to keep their women

home forever.  Still, she loves to dress.

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One response to “farmgirl in fishnet stockings, a poem

  1. Very interesting, depicted quite vividly and pulls inner meanings and metaphores in a seemingly easy manner.


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