Abigail, Being Born

When I first saw you, I did not know

whether you were male or female,

I did not know whether you were plain or beautiful,

I did not know whether you were smart or dumb,

kind or cruel.  I saw your eyes, blinking slowly at me,

dark with secrets.  You were a mystery to solve,

a puzzle to assemble, a story to hear,

a symphony to explode over me like salt waves,

healing and exhausting.  I knew only that I loved you,

wanted to love you, would dedicate the rest of my life

to loving you.  The moment after your birth,

I did not know you at all, but I was ready to learn.


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2 responses to “ABIGAIL, BEING BORN, a poem

  1. A beautiful poem. I understand the poem. Holding your child for the first time create permanent bond. Thank you for the amazing poetry.


  2. Linda Holmes

    I Know you and what an amazing time it is when giving birth, beautiful poem……


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