Leslie Gaines, purported “filmmaker”

Kimberly Townsend Palmer

leslie the asshole

Leslie Moreland Gaines is a con man and an artistic failure.  Also, he has personally stolen personal property and money from me and trespassed my home.  Warning:  do not ever, under any circumstances, trust this man.  He will rip you off.  It is only a matter of time.  He took money left to me by my darling deceased younger brother under false circumstances, and then had the audacity to forge partnership documents in the state of Montana.  He is a liar.  He never speaks truth.  He sheds crocodile tears.  He is a bad actor.  He is a hypocrite, a racist, and a descendant of General Gaines, one of the foremost murderers of native Americans in this country’s history.  He is cursed by the Seminole and the Miccosuccee tribes, and I believe he is also is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s, or some other form of dementia.  Or, just as likely, he has just rotted…

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