Jihad and the Mother: Further Profile Pic Reflections


Holy Darkness

In her comment to the previous blog entry: http://wp.me/pmBNc-67  my daughter,Kat, observed that the gentleman who was so concerned about my satanic and ‘unsufic’profile pic of Kali may have been raised with very rigid views about cultures other than his own and this could have effected his ability to see the Kali Ma art as anything other than ‘satanic’.

Fear, seems to me to be the salient issue, here, and those movements arising from fear which entrap our imaginal lives in a strangulating literalism, which are so destructive to vitality, to the human heart and soul– movements such as the Inquisition, the Crusades, the Crucifixion, modern Jewish interpretations of the meaning of the Holy Land as a literal place which we (I am a Jew, after all) have a right to kill fellow human beings in order to protect and never mind the Law, and current Islamic Fundamentalist interpretations of…

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