Teach Us (Throwback Tuesday)


Ito ang Kuwento ko (This is my Story)

Teach us to be gentle instead of always anger,
Teach us to be humbled and learn not to be bitter,

Teach us to care and value sanctity of marriage,
Teach us to carry each other to the days of old age.
Teach us to decide and think as one body,
Teach us to treat the marriage as holy.

Teach us to raise our kids by Your words,
Teach us to believe that Your words are double-edged swords.
Teach us to not be blinded by love to our children,
That we may lead them to God’s forsaken den.

Teach us to believe You and leave our worries,
Teach us to be stronger despite of life’s difficulties,
Teach us to walk on Your path
Teach us to avoid your wrath

It’s been a year since I composed this poem with the help of WP friend named Fiona, I haven’t visited her blog for…

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