Love, Seventeen Lines Long, a poem

illustration love seventeen lines long

Love, Seventeen Lines Long

Why love?

Because… human.

Love is the point.

If not love, what?

Why not love?


Absent love, no meaning.

Encourage love, not hate.

Eternity — in love forever.

Love creates the universe.

Your own love burns.

Live as you love.

Don’t forget to love.

Love creates worlds inside.

Love yourself as compassion.

Though difficult, always love.

Is any love bad?

To love, first understand.

Your love saved me.


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4 responses to “Love, Seventeen Lines Long, a poem

  1. Simple but profound. Have you read Viktor Frankl, Kimberly? He was a psychologist and Holocaust survivor. Frankl wrote in “Man’s Search for Meaning” that we can give meaning to life through love, work, and suffering.

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  2. Really nice poem. I think most people unfortunately struggle with self love.

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  3. To not feel love is a tragedy.
    Keep Calm and Have Fun! 🍓
    Everyone has quotes that impact them. Perhaps you will take a moment to share your favorites with others. Please follow the link to

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