Desire, a prose poem


She felt each heartbeat in every cell of her body, and knew it.  Her desire was not simple, but multilayered as the nacre on a pearl.  So many she loved as herself were taken.  Part of her went with each of them.  Could she pretend?  Not long enough.  Slow dirges and lamentations turned inside out to songs of joy and rebirth she couldn’t quite understand.  There was a man.  She loved him.  What more do you need to know?


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3 responses to “Desire, a prose poem

  1. I love that line “…multilayered as the nacre on a pearl.”

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  2. Sabina Arnot

    desire can be simple; or complex. it all depends on what one desires. sometimes sex is important, once in a while, it isn’t. sigh of confusion. ah, men. can’t live with them… can’t put them in the freezer!


  3. Monte VanDeGrift

    Spot on with this, this website needs more attention. I’ll be returning to see more!


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