Project Drawdown – substantiative solutions to Climate Change

~ L to the Aura ~

In a moment of sincere disappointment and loss of hope, I was blessed to have the rare gift of speaking to an incredible human being, a golden soul that has inspired me for many years: Paul Hawken. His words, compassion, and optimism continue to resonate:

Is climate change happening to you or for you? If it is happening to you – you are a victim, you are an object, you are dis-empowered. But if you embrace it, it is your ally. We need to embrace climate change as a guide to a far better world than we know now. Avoidance of despair is an essential condition in order for humanity to creatively respond to the future we face. The public’s willingness to respond to climate change can shift, if they can see opportunity instead of dread, that a transformation can benefit them individually and collectively.

It is not game over…it is game…

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One response to “Project Drawdown – substantiative solutions to Climate Change

  1. Murshida VA

    What a wonderful share. (Attempted to reblog to no avail… WordPress…?)

    More thoughts on running toward, not away, from those difficult conversations, putting all our cards on the table, and working together for a more beautiful life on earth…

    Ultimately, passionate vitality and a deeply felt sense of interconnectedness and belonging require the courage to face our short-comings and reconsider decisions which may have been less than wise…

    Globally as well as personally.

    This is what ecofeminism is all about: the personal is political, ecological, and global. There is no separation because there is only One Being and the way we embrace (or fail to embrace) ourselves and one another is inevitably mirrored in the relations between nations and in humanity’s relationship with the earth herself.

    Thanks so much, Kimberly.

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