liquid asylum

Sometimes writing comes to readers at exactly the right time. This is one of those times.


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2 responses to “liquid asylum

  1. I have a friend, a Navy veteran with a drinking problem. Was thrown out of Bailey Village. Was in the Veterans Hospital to get a hip replacement and he got one. He was there I was told for months in recovery and all but a friend told me he was forced to leave because he procured some drink. Vodka is the one he likes. He was taking Oxycontin and yet still wanted the drink. So, he needed my help when he left the hospital, still in a wheelchair. He has some things in my van, his walker, clothes and such but otherwise he is out on the street. I met him at St. Francis House. He was there for a second time when I met him. He is, unfortunately, a republican and so disappoints me from time to time with political commentary. He had the wrong figures for unemployment back in 2012. He thought Alachua County’s were so bad. They weren’t but he reads different newspapers, you know. He says no big place to work, no big manufacturer or something he means. Doesn’t see the university as a thing, a place where people work, a big employer. Anyway, another homeless friend is kind of shackled with taking care of him.
    The people you run into when you’re homeless.

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