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Life: It’s all about finding your Tribe


Yours Truly, Amy

Life, when it’s boiled down, it comes to one ultimate goal…to fit in, to BELONG!

From the playpen to playground and beyond in the big, wide grown-up world we strive to find that group, however big or small, that makes us feel accepted, loved, understood, appreciated and that we matter: Our Tribe.

For most of us our tribe starts with family, who else really can make you laugh like them, I for one, haven’t come across many who can make me laugh til I make no sound quite like my nearest and dearest.

They know your story and you know theirs. They have your back (most of the time) and when life throws you a curb ball they pick you back up, dust you off and smack you on the bottom to play another day.

Some of us, however, do not care to be members of their family’s tribe and…

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