creative notes, 9/24/03

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Creative notes… 9/24/03

“We also often add to our pain and suffering by being overly sensitive, over‑reacting to minor things, and sometimes taking things too personally.”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Boy, is that what I do. I am overly sensitive, I overreact to minor things, and I almost always take things too personally.

“If we both still believed in marriage as an institution, would you marry me?” Ella asked.

“Not right now. You’ve been dating another guy for six months. But maybe later,” Ratboy said. His plan was working!

“Fair enough,” she said. Right then, she should have RUN.

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I name them here

Originally posted on Wuji Seshat Nibada:


love has seven names
do you know what they are?
brightness, flame, melting

transformation, sunshine, shine
Light, that final healing
that is the end and is the beginning
these are the warmth of heart-strings

where the soul may rest in
clearest water, purity of unity
truth that is not true or false

but simply is as an extension
of love that has seven names
love appears day after day
not requiring scripture or even faith

love is wise enough in nature
to survive indefinitely, with or without you
her signs fall down from the fusion

of peculiar and eccentric evolution
crossing divinities of perspective
of virtue and the flesh’s form
love has seven names

her gifts are never-ending
like sublime coal that burns a lifetime
for an intimacy that God can give

for our intimate souls that long
more strongly with a mystical heat
that is a spiritual substance

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Fairest Of Us All?

Originally posted on arfa masihuddin:

snow white

Much has been said about the subcontinent’s archaic obsession with the “goray gaal” (fair skin). And while many amongst us will opine our disapprobation, there will be quite a few of the same lot who will flock to the air-conditioned stores (or non air-conditioned ) to try out another latest addition to the numerous miracle creams that are the self-acclaimed magic ticket to getting the Prince Charming who drives a Mercedes.

In this day and age, it is a highly Quixotic notion to “ooh and aah” over white skin and frown with distaste at a brown or even slightly wheatish complexion. In fact, it has always been a Quixotic notion. After all, how can the colour of a person’s skin define their roles as prospective husbands and wives and daughters-in-law and sons-in-law? Compatibility, personality and character, have been told to go play hide-and-seek. D’ Accord?

Celebrities and socially prominent personalities…

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Disgusting “Dynasty Trust”

Dynasty trust

DISGUSTING!!!!!  Why do people think this way?  I condemn this trust to HELL!!!  In a handbasket!!!

“The Dynasty Trust is an excellent tax planning vehicle as it permanently removes significant assets and the future appreciation on those assets from the transfer tax system. If no one “owns” these assets in the future, they will not be part of anyone’s taxable estate. In addition, the Dynasty Trust is an excellent asset protection vehicle. With no owner’s of the assets, creditors cannot make successful claims against the assets in these trusts, allowing them to be preserved, even against liability claims against the trust’s beneficiaries.

The trust is initially created for “primary beneficiaries” who are the Grantor’s children. They are given a limited power of appointment over the trust property in favor of their descendants. If this power is not exercised, the trust property passes to the descendants of the Grantor’s children, and so on. The trustee has discretion to pay a beneficiary income and principal from the trust, but is under no obligation to distribute any property at any time.

The trust is sensitive to the possible generation-skipping tax issues that can arise in this type of trust. (Section 3.1B). The trustee is given broad investment discretion. (Sections 3.1A and 3.3)

Since the trust is intended to last a very long time, the initial trustee is not likely to outlive the trust. Circumstances unforeseen at the inception of the trust may very well occur. For these reasons, the trust (section 4.5) appoints a “trust protector” – a person or institution to serve as the trust’s “watchdog” over what may need to be changed, amended, removed, etc. as time goes on.

Article 10 is also worth noting. The Grantor should consider how he/she may want to define such basic terms as “spouse” and “child”, given the potential long-term of the trust and evolving issues of social change, genetic engineering, etc. One can consider a “traditional” definition here, or allowance of either present or possible future definitions to be included in the trust.


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By the Rivers of Babylon (Psalm 137:4)

Originally posted on lovehappinessandpeace:

Gonna tell God

It is not a question of a Syrian, or Palestinian, Israeli, or the Child of ANY particular country. Children, Women, Innocents, People Entirely Unconnected with whatever grievance might have happened, are Dying, Thus Cruelly, All over the World.

The Israelites had been settled on the Banks of the rivers of Babylon. Their Land had been devastated, their fields had been plundered long ago, and even their Single Temple had been Destroyed. Israel is one of the Very Small Nations, and one of the Much Persecuted ones. Its people are a very Homogenous group. Thus, when they had been told by their captors to sing one their songs, they had said: “Just How can We sing when our Land is in Ruins, and our People are living as Slaves?” That is the sense of Psalm 137:4. And the famous song, ‘By the Rivers of Babylon,’ is based on this.


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Originally posted on hocuspocus13:

Is a Community Restaurant owned by none other and New Jerseys own Son Jon Bon Jovi

Serving a 3 course dinner for only $10

But if you are short on cash no bother you can pay for your meal by volunteering in the kitchen

Located in Red Bank New Jersey

Giving back…

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It’s time to stop caring…REALLY???

It's time to stop caring…REALLY???.

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