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Trump, A Secret Family History

donald trump family tree

Trump, A Secret Family History (as revealed to me by his secret family!)

When the San Francisco police started raiding Granddaddy Trump’s hotel/brothel down by the wharf, out of sheer spite (because their favorite girl had dragged herself out of the whore business by her own corset & a married farmer down in Bakersfield)… well, when that started, Granddaddy decided things had gotten too hot. Down coast, Granddaddy found a good location near the train line for a hotel in a place with no cops. He couldn’t come up with $1,000 an acre, which is what the owner asked, so Granddaddy filed a placer’s mineral claim against the land. The U.S. Land Office was, and is, corrupt.

Despite the placer’s claim giving him no right to build any structure on the land, Granddaddy built a boarding house. As soon as the boarding house was there? The railroad built a station. To his credit, Granddaddy never attempted to mine gold on the land —the miners themselves were his source of income… when they weren’t mining, they needed to eat & sleep & occasionally find a willing woman. The land’s real owner tried to collect rent – but legal title didn’t matter much to Granddaddy, not then… or now.

“Title” is fiction; perception is reality. In the end, he practically stole that land from the first owner for $100 an acre. And not too long after that, he got himself elected to public office, winning justice of the peace by a vote of 32 for, 5 against. He found himself firmly attached to the government tit & at the same time earning money by violating the law he’d been hired to protect… well… it really didn’t get much better than that, he thought.

From crooked brothel owner to crooked justice of the peace in less than a generation. Not bad for a German immigrant, eh? Granddaddy dreamed big… multigenerational wealth transfers, the long view. He’d teach his son (Daddy Trump) the family tradition. Then his son (Trump) would teach his grandson. That tradition would practically be bred into the bone by the time his grandson would both win (and also not win) the presidency in 2016 (thanks to Russia, James Comey, and the alt-right movement). Think of the great-grandsons! There’d be Trump II, Trump III… well, the possibilities were endless.

Until the impeachment… but that would be giving too much away… I’d better let him tell you the rest himself!

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Shitler’s Apologist-in-Chief


Shitler’s Apologist-in-Chief

In 2009, when President Obama’s approval poll numbers were high, Kellyanne C. wrote an article for humanevents.com which dismissed approval polls. She said such polls were nothing more than a polite nod of the head. She said they didn’t mean much.

Kellyann C. in 2009: President Obama’s “adulation abroad and a perception of charm and charisma at home is not a mandate for the type of sweeping transformations to the domestic economy and foreign policy currently on the table. After all, Candidate Obama ran on ‘change we can believe in,’ not ‘revolution you must pay for.’”

And this morning, in 2017, on CNN? She utterly dismissed Shitler’s current critics because, “frankly, their approval ratings are half of his.”

Apparently, approval polls are either informative or meaningless depending on who’s writing Kellyanne C.’s paychecks. She is the calmest liar I have ever seen. She must load up on benzos before each interview. She can barely keep her eyes open.

If President Obama had no “mandate” for “sweeping transformations,” what, then, does Shitler have?

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She Hates Numbers

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Ode to Citizen’s United (The Corruption-Spangled Banner)

illustration citizens united

Ode to Citizen’s United (The Corruption-Spangled Banner)

Oh, say can you see by the sunset’s late light…
What so proudly we hailed at morning’s first gleaming?

Whose broad stripes and bright stars now doom us to fight,
O’er the ramparts, we watch, so miserably screaming?

See the money’s gold glare, FOX lies bursting in air?
Solid proof through this night that the hate is out there.

Oh, say does that corporate-stained banner now bleed…
O’er this fat land of ignorance, this sad home of greed?

On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of vast wealth,
Where the haughty one percent in dread silence repose,

What is that which the breeze, o’er slumbering stealth,
As it fitfully blows, FOX used to conceal, to disclose?

Now it catches the gleam of the twilight’s last beam,
Its full shame reflected now, blood-red in the stream:

‘Tis the corporate-stained banner! Oh long may it bleed…
O’er this land of ignorance and this new home of greed!

And whence the greedy who so lightly engage…
Wreaking havoc thru war and battle’s “solution,”

Leaving our home and ourselves forever in rage?!
Our blood has been sucked for foul lies & pollution.

No refuge can save us, now mere hireling & slave,
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:

And the star-spangled banner in despair doth bleed…
O’er the land of ignorance and the home of greed!

Oh! Thus be it ever, when sleeping citizens don’t stand…
Between their beloved homes and war’s desolation!

Cursed with intolerance and pain, will our troubled land…
Bitch-slap the one percent that birthed this abomination?

And bitch-slap we must, when our cause it is just,
And this will be our motto: “In gold is not our trust.”

Lest the corruption-spangled banner forever bleed…
O’er the land of ignorance and the home of greed!

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VA Hospital System run by IDIOTS

Worst prediction ever about the VA hospital system! http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2232177/?page=1

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hypocrisy in america

hypocrisy the american way

There is an interesting case which was argued in front of the Supremes on January 14th:  a Wyoming man is suing to prevent the Forest Service from building a rails-to-trails trail section, 28 miles in length, on his land.

The man’s parents were “granted” the land by the federal government in 1976, subject to the federal government’s previous grant of a right of way for a railroad, which in fact operated on the property from 1904 to 2003.

The man’s lawyers argue — so very poignantly! — that even money isn’t enough to compensate the man for his loss:  “Just compensation, however, is cold comfort for having to endure the disruption and inconvenience of having essentially a ‘linear park’ on one’s property:  [I]t appears beyond cavil that use of these easements for a recreational trail – for walking, hiking, biking, picnicking, Frisbee playing, with newly-added tarmac pavement, park benches, occasional billboards, and fences to enclose the trail way – is not the same use made by a railroad, involving tracks, depots, and the running of trains.”

In a newspaper interview, one of the lawyers calls the federal rails-to-trails program “a massive land grab.”  Hmmm.

Let me get this straight.  The land in question was granted to the family by the federal government, which had already granted a railroad company a right of way, which railroad tracks operated actively across the property for about 100 years.  Now the family doesn’t want the feds to make a rails-to-trails segment on their land.

So, there’s this “non-profit foundation” involved in the case.  RIGHT!  Nonprofit sounds good, right?  WRONG!

Their statement about their “tax-exempt” purpose states:  “NARPO is a non-profit, tax exempt foundation dedicated to principles that private property ownership must be maintained in the hands of citizens and not the government. NARPO’s major goal is to assist property owners in maintaining their complete land ownership and resisting government confiscation. We hope to keep you up to date on the latest court cases and federal and state law changes that effect the property rights of reversionary property owners to railroad rights-of-way.”

SO, when people were homesteaded property by the federal government, AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT RESERVED RIGHTS OF WAY ACROSS THAT VERY SAME HOMESTEADED PROPERTY, THEIR DESCENDANTS, who profited and prospered by the federal government’s actions in “homesteading” property to their ancestors in order to “encourage the development of this nation,”  SHOULDN’T BE MADE TO HONOR THOSE RIGHTS OF WAY?  Oh, I see!  You got the land from your government, your government told you it was maintaining some rights over that land, but now, when the government wants to USE those rights, you don’t want to let it!

Oh, this seems legit.

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